Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The idea for this blog was conceived yesterday while I was thinking about how I can reduce my plastic consumption. I was slowly bicycling to work and imagining myself in the grocery store, weaving through the aisles and trying to avoid products packaged in plastic. As I shopped in my imaginary grocery store, I went from aisle to aisle searching for things I need, but since I was searching for sans-plastic products, nothing ended up in my cart. Nothing. So then I pictured myself getting angry in the grocery store (and in fact, I actually started to angry there on my bike) because it was so difficult to avoid plastic. After all, almost everything in the grocery store is wrapped, if not double-wrapped, in plastic. And then, there on my bike, I wondered, “Am I the only person trying to figure out how to avoid plastic?” Well, obviously not.

And that's when I first thought that it might be cool to start a blog about reducing plastic use.

Like any good nerd, though, I decided that I should run a google search and find out who else is writing blogs about reducing plastic consumption before I start my own blog. I mean, if 300 people are already writing about their shopping strategies for reducing plastic consumption, I might reconsider creating a blog. The results of my google search, however, returned nothing quite like my the blog I was imagining. This meant I had no other choice but to start writing.

As you've surely gathered, within this blog, I hope to share with you my experiences as I try to avoid plastic within the grocery store, drug store, and even clothing store. I intend to include lists of products to look for within the grocery store and drug store that are packaged in little or no plastic, as well as clothing brands that do not use plastic products or are typically plastic free. Finally, I plan to create additional entries detailing statistics and information about plastic and how it is harmful to us, along with links to articles about plastic and to blogs of others trying hard like me to reduce the amount of plastic they buy.

So why do I want to reduce my plastic use in the first place? In short, to lessen my personal effect on the environment and make my lifestyle a healthier one. I'll go into more detail later, but for now I'm excited that I've decided to make a change in how I live. I'm excited that I am really going to make an effort to do something that I believe in.

And, obviously, since I'm starting this blog today, that means that my quest to use less plastic begins today.


Shannon Hodgins said...

And a good intro it is!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great blog. I hope more people find it like. I actually found your blog by accident looking for ways to recycle plastic packaging. I didn't know I can bring my mug to starbucks. I actually have a mug that I bought from their company. Very helpful, thanks!

Wayne Chen said...
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