Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Give Me Cheese, Please!

I love cheese of all varieties. Swiss, cheddar, brie, blue, havarti, gruyere, alpenzeller--they're all amazing! But unfortunately, I've been having trouble finding a way to get plastic free cheese at my local grocery store

That is, until tonight when I suddenly had a brilliant idea: I should bring my own container to the supermarket!

How obvious! And you know what? It worked, and the guy at the deli counter barely looked at me strange when I asked him to put the cheese I ordered into my container.

I'm so happy. I have three quarters of a pound of provolone in my fridge, and I know that it will be easy to get more in the future. This is a good day.


Anonymous said...

I can bring my own container to the Safeway deli counter or I can have them wrap cheese in the same paper as they wrap the sandwiches. But it doesn't solve my cheese problem because I don't want to eat the cheese I can get from the Safeway deli counter. It's not organic. It's not local. And it doesn't come from happy cows.

I can take my own container to the Cheese Shop and ask them to cut some to put in my container, but they just have to rewrap the big block in new plastic. So even though I don't go home with plastic, I haven't really saved plastic from being used.

My only solution I can see at this point is sadly to cut down on the amount of cheese I consume.

LifeLessPlastic said...

Yeah, the grocery store near my house is offering more and more organic items, which I think is great. If I can remember, they even have a few organic cheeses and deli meats, although I have to admit that the cheese I bought yesterday wasn't organic.

Grant said...

I also have been getting my cheese from Safeway wrapped in the paper that they use for sandwiches. There are a few problems with this though: The people wrapping the cheese still go through at LEAST one pair of plastic gloves while wrapping. I don't know where the cheese comes from or what is in it (this is not a huge factor for me, but still). They pre-wrap cheese slices in plastic wrap. That means that when you ask for a half pound of cheddar they want to give you one of the pre-wrapped bundles. Getting them to cut you something fresh is a hassle. They're willing to do it, but it takes forever because they're not equipped to slice on-the-fly and because they apparently aren't used to the request.

Even if I take my own container, the time and hassle will still be a big factor. And even though my local Safeway *just* finished remodeling, they've got little in the way of bulk bins, no environmentally friendly detergents, no biodegradable bags, etc. (sigh)

LifeLessPlastic said...

Grant, that's sad news indeed! Being a West coast chain, I'm surprised your Safeway isn't more environmentally-friendly. And the fact that they pre-wrap all the deli cheese and act like it's a hassle to slice anything for you? How weird! You should write a letter to corporate Safeway and your store encouraging them to be more customer friendly at the deli counter. I mean, the customer is always right...right?

honeygod said...

you can always make your own cheese if you wanna avoid the plastic wrap issue alltogether.
as long as you can buy milk in glass bottles...