Homemade Apple Butter

I made homemade apple butter for the first time! And I even canned it myself!

I made it in the crock pot using this recipe (but with half the sugar) and then used this page for instructions on how to can it.

The verdict? Apple butter is delicious and VERY easy to make—even for a newbie like me.

I just prepared an apple sauce the evening before, dumped it in the crock along with some cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and salt in the morning, and when I came home from work, my apple butter was almost finished. It just needed to simmer in the pot on high for one more hour.

The canning on the other hand was not so easy. I had never canned anything before, and I didn't have the right supplies. I figured, eh, I'll manage.

Bad idea. I definitely needed a wire rack for my pot to avoid upsetting the lids of the jars as I was lifting them out of the boiling water. I also needed some sort of funnel. I made a HUGE mess pouring the apple butter into the jars.

All said and done, though, I was successful and now have tons of delicious apple butter. And once it's all gone, I can re-use my jars again and again (which will hopefully help me get better and more efficient at canning). Yay!

Note: If you want to skip the canning stage, you can always make your jam and freeze in in freezer-safe Ball jars. It can't get any easier!


Erika Jean said…
Yum! sounds good! What kind of apples did you use?

I had my own cooking adventure on my blog today...
The canning sure is a process in itself. Did it once & loved it too! Maybe I'll think about your suggestion. Fall is after all around the corner & plenty of yummy fruits @ the market. Thanks for the idea! Cheers, Julie
Viki said…
Yum! Apple butter sure is delicious. I haven't had any in ages. Homemade must be even better.
Xxxicana said…
Canning is easier with the right equipment! Congrats on your apple butter.
Greenies said…
Hey ! I just think that your blog is totally relevant, life less plastic is something we all need to do. The homemade apple butter sounds super yummy !
Lori said…
Making your own apple butter is a good example of a way to reduce the useage of plastic, but it may not be practical for everyone. Do you have an example that works for everyone in this society?
Kimberly said…
I started canning last year. I would whole-heartedly recommend buying a water bath canner pot with rack and the tool kit Ball sells. There Blue Book of Canning is full of great recipes. Today I'm canning tomato sauce, apple cakes and apple butter myself. I've canned so much this year! The more you do the easier it gets.
Anonymous said…
Hi, my name is Christina:) I ran into your blog from the article "The Truth About Plastic" I have a blog too, so I thought I would leave a comment!

Oh, and I love peanut butter! Thank you for sharing this! *runs off to kitchen*
Micah said…
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Apple butter are the best. Always remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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