Toxic America: Life Less Plastic Makes a Visit to Your Living Room

On June 2 and 3, CNN will air Toxic America, a two-part special hosted by Sanjay Gupta that focuses on the unregulated and dangerous chemicals that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

I'm very excited about the special, first, because I think it addresses a topic people really need to hear about and, second, because it is supposed to include a segment about me! Craziness!

As far as I know, the segment about my experiences giving up plastic is supposed to air on Thursday, June 3rd as part of the Toxic Childhood portion of the show. Please tune in!


I seen your segment on CNN. You mentioned that you have ketchup and mustard in plastic bottles in your refrigerator. Ketchup can be made from scratch and canned in glass jars and mustard is super easy to make from scratch with ground mustard and liquid, usually water or vinegar, and some salt and other seasonings and sometimes sugar. You can make mustard in small batches or larger batches. Sometimes you can find vinegar sold in glass bottles. Google ketchup and mustard recipes on the web. I'm sure you'll find something to suit your taste.
Insane Cricket said…
Good idea. Though to be fair, she had a BBQ and someone left them at her place!
Jeanne said…
Or at least the mustard. I definitely got that second-hand. Upon reflection, I did buy the ketchup. That was silly of me, though. It was definitely a moment of weakness.

I promise that I will be attempting to make my own ketchup and mustard in the future.
Anonymous said…
Hi my name is David E., from NWV college, and I think your contribution of knowledge of our world concerning the sad, and possibly dangerous effects of platic, and how plstics could affects us is great. The writers articles allows others to be aware of the great tradgedy being placed on our community, and how we can help join in the fight...

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