Sunday, March 14, 2010

Starting a Vintage Etsy Shop

From the very beginning, this whole Life Less Plastic experiment has involved buying things second-hand. I've often found myself in need of something made of plastic (e.g. once I needed a dish drainer, although I guess I actually found my current one on top of my neighbors garbage can), so I've just gone down to the thrift store or to a garage sale and found whatever I needed.

As you may expect, with all of this second-hand shopping, I've also found many great vintage and antique items.

Since I've really come to love discovering these unexpected treasures, I've decided to take the next logical step... Starting an Etsy Shop!

You can find my shop, Rainy Penguin Vintage, at

I actually started the shop in late January, and I've already made lots of sales. If you get the chance, please visit and take a look at all the beautiful, bold, and bright vintage items I'm selling.

Thanks so much!