Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update on Life Less Plastic

Hey Everyone! It's been almost three years since my last post, so I figured I'd provide a quick update on what I've been up to.

First off, I totally fell off the band wagon in terms of giving up plastic. It's sad but true. After two years of living almost completely plastic free, I just couldn't keep up with it anymore. I was starting to feel the weight of the project more and more heavily, and I eventually decided that I needed to live like everyone else for a while.

Unrelated, I also wanted to mention that I did a 365 blog last year, which was was all about my quest to make something every single day last year. It went really well and I ended up learning a ton about art, photography, and myself. You can take a look at

Anyways, I just wanted to provide an update and also say that I'll be making some changes this summer that might allow me to live a bit more plastic free. If that happens, I'll be sure to post again!