Blog Contest: Announcing the Winner

The random drawing has been ceremoniously conducted, and I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the Life Less Plastic Year Anniversary Blog Contest is Sandy!

To claim your prize, Sandy, just send me an email at

Thanks to everyone who participated. Your valuable plastic waste reduction tips are much appreciated!


Banba said…
You have been tagged.I have recommended your site to my readers. Follow this link for the details:
Sandy said…
I'M SO EXCITED! I just got my bags today and even though I went grocery shopping yesterday I want to run back out today because I cannot wait to use them! Thank you thank you thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I read about your site on the Time magazine article "The Truth about Plastic" and I've a recommendation for that shampoo issue you've got. Check out for shampoo bars that you can buy without plastic containers. They actually work well, smell wonderful and makes your hair feel great as well. I use the Seanik ( ). Hope that helps :)
Anonymous said…
Whoops I completely missed the previous post about the article. Sorry about that!

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