Sunday, November 9, 2008 Launches Frustration-Free Packaging Initiative

Earlier this month, announced a Frustration-Free Packaging Initiative that will improve the packaging of the products they ship. This means packaging that is easier to open and requires less plastic.

Obviously, this is great news for eco-nerds, but it's also great news for everyone who absolutely, totally, completely, and utterly hates blister packs. They're the most annoying things in the world and for klutzes like me, they're even dangerous—I once sliced my hand open on one.

Down with blister packs! Hooray for Amazon!

Related: A letter from Amazon's CEO about the new initiative and Amazon's Gallery of Wrape Rage, which illustrates why better packaging is long overdue.

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samanthaturner said...

Unfortunatly it is not acctually eco safe as you are still paying for the plastic some one else is cutting off.