Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas: Theater, Furoshiki, and Family

I remember vividly what each of my family members got me for Christmas last year because it was my first Plastic-Free Christmas, but I have absolutely no idea what I got the year before.

That's partly why I bought most of my family tickets for the Mary Poppins musical. It will be fun to go out for a night on the town together, and it's an experience we'll remember for a long time—possibly for the rest of our lives.

For the family members that don't live in the area or are too young to go to the theater, I bought a few regular presents. I got my sister a guitar strap made by the Chicago-based company, Souldier, and I got my niece and nephew clothes and books. I also got my niece a little monkey doll, which was one of the few gifts I gave or received with plastic on it (the doll was so cute, I couldn't resist).

I wrapped all of these presents using Furoshiki, which you can see above, and got several compliments from the family.

It was a great Christmas. My family got me many nice things, most of which were plastic-free, and since I gave almost everyone theater tickets, it was pretty easy for me to go plastic-free this Christmas, too.

Of course, Christmas was great for reasons other than the gifts. I spent days on end with my family talking, making jokes, and laughing.

But that's how get-togethers usually are with my family, which means I probably won't remember this particular holiday experience forever. Instead, it will just blur together with all of the other wonderful memories I have of my family.

They're a great bunch.


Anonymous said...

The furoshiki looks awesome - what kind of material did you use?

Reenie Beanie said...

The photo doesn't do your Furoshiki justice! The photos don't capture the beautiful textures and patterns on the fabrics. They were much prettier in person, and it seems like anyone could have pulled off wrapping in this environmentally friendly style.

And...i agree, we ARE a great bunch, but only because of our love of sheep.

hickchick said...

I just found your site looking for alternatives to commercial cleaning and personal care products! Very cool! Keep up the inspiring work. I'm going to go stock up on baking soda! Kris

sfletcher said...

Hi, so great to see other people promoting fabric wrapping. There are lots of different furoshiki wrapping styles for giftwrapping and for making bags. If you are interested in seeing more go to

Its so past time we all moved up from using disposable, one use, stuff!

myfuroshiki said...

I wrapped all my Christmas gifts in furoshiki as well and have started designing, screenprinting & tie-dying them. Check out our little shop at
Happy knotting!

Karen Fan said...

Hi Jeanne,

This is first time I browse your blog which with tips and opinion all related the purpose to protect the global environment. It’s interesting and gave me a chance to think about how I can do PLASTIC LESS in daily life.
I saw the FUROSHIKI which used in Japanese life is also the way we use but to wrap the stuff when we prepare to worship ancestor or the gods by the time my grandmother did use all the time in the past. It use be all white fabric but some is dye using specific plant’s leaf which to be made as blue liquid to design the fabric material as traditional printing in Taiwanese’s culture, also can be made as cloth or handbag…Just sharing!
Hope I can learn some tips you had written in blog to try to make healthy life until now.

Karen Fan