News and Confessions

I've got something exciting to share! I'm going to interviewed by someone from a major news network on Tuesday. Yay!

But before I tell the whole world about my life not using plastic, I have to confess that I've had some moments of weakness over the past 7 or 8 months. I think it's really important to be honest about this, so I want to share a list of the plastic I've used.

Here it is:
  • 1 silverware drawer organizer (mentioned in my last post)
  • 1 watch with synthetic band (it might be leather, though; mentioned in my last post)
  • 4 plastic produce bags (while in Romania)
  • 4 single-serve yogurts
  • 2 large containers of yogurt
  • 1 container of sour cream
  • 1 box of grape nuts
  • 1 bottle of ketchup
  • 1 container of cranberries
  • 1 container of almonds
  • 1 bag of coffee beans
  • 9 plastic clamshells of salad (due to my getting health vow as mentioned in a previous post)
  • 6 to-go coffees with plastic lids (why is coffee always the ruin of me?)
  • 4 bottles of shampoo (still trying to fend off the dandruff)
  • 1 bottle of spray gel
  • 1 container of foundation makeup
  • 1 blush
  • 1 plastic baggie
I feel pretty bad about using all of this stuff, but after doing the whole plastic-free thing for 2.5 years now, it has been hard to resist the temptation of buying plastic-packaged stuff on occasion.

I guess all I can do is move forward and keep trying.


lerrnst said…
if you want to live life less plastic, you must use more plastic in your life :-)
and by the way, plastic is good. i hope we agree on that
Zho Zho said…
I think it is so cool what you are doing, it is something I have been thinking about for a while too and I have decided to start cutting things out one by one. I started with softened butter in plastic containers cos I can just buy butter wrapped in paper, and store bought muesli bars. Not sure what I will attempt next.
Sarah said…
Glad to see you're blogging again. Keep us updated. You're a great inspiration!
Going Crunchy said…
Actually pretty darn awesome. Just checkin' in - and glad to see about an interesting interview coming up! Please keep us posted. Shan
Anonymous said…
I think you should start a movement to serve yogurt in glass containers. You seem to really like your yogurt and they only serve it in plastic so that seems to make it tough for you.

P.S. Please try Dannon's new Go-Gurt, it is great for the yogurt lover on the go.

Thanks Jeanne! Good luck on CNN!
Brenna said…
Congratulations! I just started a blog yesterday...counting everyday how many plastic items I use and dispose of....working my way to where you have gotten, a Life Less Plastic. I am so glad I found your blog for ideas and support, I am now I a devote follower. Follow me?

Good luck on your interview and thank you for being honest!!


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