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Peter Cech said…
Have you been following the Clean Bin Project? Their documentary has some very compelling stats and images related to plastic in the environment.

I'd love to get your feedback on our web pages prompting people to reduce their trash.

A big push-back I get is "I'm a busy parent, I'd love to but this stuff takes up too much time." Bogus! Our family of four is down to a 2-litre milk carton of garbage or less a week. Would you consider posting a food packaging reduction tip or two on our Blog?

Thanks for protecting your corner of the world!!
That is a great video and adults will understand ...moreover we could show such inspiring videos in school and make the children aware about the problem and stop the nuisance.
HI! I came across this blog at work and I wanted to note that I just started working on doing the same thing. My blog is called "Bye, Bye Plastic and other green stories". I am very interested to read what you have learned on this. And as I'm at work I can't watch the video now, but I will definitely come back soon!
stainless steel said…
Great video,I admire you because you share a little way on how you can help to save our mother earth.With your advocacy I'm sure many will follow and be interested to do the same so that we can be all contributor to save our earth and be seen as beautifully by the next generation.
Anonymous said…
I always wanted to recycle and especially plastic, bags, conteiners, items in general.
When I first came into this country i was AMAIZED about the poor recycling plociy. I mean , apparently it all dependes on the local area, but still, we didn´t get the reciclying containers up to few month ago.

Is just sad.
We have and need to recycle , otherwise what is going to happen to uor planet?

Tiptheplanet said…
Cool video! I love how catchy it is! I was tapping my foot the whole time. Another important thing to do is to snip those six-ringed plastics used in colas. Those innocent looking soft plastic holders for soft drink cans and other products can entangle birds, fish, and small animals.
Anonymous said…
Hiya, I am from Ireland and I love your blog so much. I have a business for the last five years called White Witch® Beauty without plastic. I endevour to make products for the bathroom without packaging them in plastic. I have a shampoo too, it needs a tiny bit of input from the consumer once it is bought. It comes in a brown paper bag with a cellophane bag inside. Inside the bag there is a grated down simple olive oil soap, and a sachet of herbs that are great for your hair. You just place in a jug and add boiling water. Leave for a couple of hours and it's ready to use. You just need to add a teaspoon of vinegar to the rinsing water to finish. It's got no plastic anywhere and you can compost all the waste safely!Google White Witch and you will find me. Would love to have a chat!
mani said…
That is a very neat video, I really liked it. I think most of the people are aware of the plastic problems that we have in America, but unfortunately, it is hard to for them to sacrifice most of the products that they want. After all, almost everything is made out of plastic and I would understand why. But ultimately videos like this would motivate people to live plastic free lives, and we would need more of these videos to motivate people even more. At last, I just wanted to say thank you and I really appreciate your hard work to save our planet.
Anonymous said…
I am just starting on the living green journey. I have found that recycling plastic is not as easy as it seems. dark
Every 1 ton of plastic recycled can save amount of water that can be used by 1 person for 2 months or almost 1800 pounds of oil or 1 year of 2 people’s energy requirement. Over it, recycling plastic saves money this optimizing resources as well as consumer surpluses.
Consider the amount of trees felled for paper before dismissing all plastic products. Plastics that can be recycled also benefit.
Jason Cecabin said…
nice video. Did you make it yourself? if so, you did a wonderful job. It is very educational and i will be showing it to my young children (try and get this through their head at a young age). Thanks for helping me educate them :) and thanks for helping educate the world on the dangers of using too much plastic
Great video. Love Tilly and the Wall :) Perfect soundtrack for it.
Kristin said…
I just did a post on my blog about plastic less life. Check out my challenge.
R.W.A.P. said…
Wait a minute! Is it really the plastic that is the demon in this world or is it the people using the plastic? Have anyone of you thought how much clean water can be distributed with plastics? How much the environmental effect of logistics is reduced by plastics? How your food stays fresh without the help of plastics?

It is easy to point your finger at things and only see the cause of something instead of seeing the actual problem. Plastics are one of the easiest resources to recycle and close to 90% of produced plastics are recycleable. It is not the plastic that is polluting your environment, it's the people that throws the plastic in the nature instead of recycling it.

I'm very pro recycling and I'm worried that we are going to destroy this world if we don't change how we are living. But the difference is, I don't see plastic as a bad thing, I see it as a problem solving material. I'm very suprised that this blog is so anti plastics considering how much good plastics can do in your everyday life.
Dani said…
Great video. Advice we should all live by.

Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing
Miss Jessey said…
I am sad you seem to be no longer blogging :(

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