Saturday, November 10, 2007

Target Recognizes the Dangers of PVC Plastic

In light of the recent surge in public awareness about the possible dangers of PVC plastic, Target is planning to reduce the number of products that it carries that are either made of PVC or packed in it.

A November 6 Wall Street Journal article reports that Target is taking the following actions in relation to PVC plastic:
  • Developing an action plan to identify PVC alternatives
  • Making efforts to produce Target place mat and table linen categories nearly phthalate-free by spring
  • Finding PVC alternatives for use in most toy categories for fall 2008.
It is obvious that Target is taking these steps because they ultimately think it will increase their bottom line by bettering their image and protecting them from future lawsuits or problems that might arise if phalate-containing PVC is outlawed.

Still, I find Target's initiative encouraging because it shows that when the public expresses interest in an issue, retailers will make efforts to respond to the public's demands.

With this in mind, I'm planning to write a letter to Target to show support of their actions and to encourage them to take further steps to protect the environment such as choosing better packaging and materials for Target-brand products and setting higher standards for the products they purchase from other companies.

I'll post the letter once it's sent.


Anonymous said...

Writing supportive letters is just as important as writing letters to people we want to change. Good idea. I'll write one too.

In fact, I'm planning a post all about PVC this week. So stay tuned.

LifeLessPlastic said...

Excellent! Good to hear that you'll also be writing a letter. And I'll be sure to check out your post about PVC this week.