Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Letter to Whole Foods: Thank You for Ending Plastic Bag Distribution

As you may have heard, Whole Foods plans to stop giving out plastic bags entirely by Earth Day this year.

Check out the letter I wrote to them in support, and then consider writing one of your own!


Dear Whole Foods,

Thank you for taking another step towards helping the environment by eliminating your distribution of plastic bags. These days, it's important for corporations like yours, as well as individuals, to make strong moves and set a good example, so I think what you are doing is great.

But I would also like to ask you to take further action. Please require your customers to pay an additional fee for paper bags. I ask you to do this because your customers will need strong motivation to bring their own bags. Otherwise, they may simply switch to paper bags, which I have consistently heard have a larger carbon footprint than plastic bags.

Anyways, I thank you again for your initiative in reducing plastic waste and look forward to learning about similar actions from your organization in the future.

Until Then,


Green Bean said...

You go, girl! I wrote WF a letter too but didn't think to ask them to charge patrons for paper bags. I did ask that they encourage re-usable produce bags and stock more bulk items.

But back to the paper bags, it is really disturbing to see. At my WF, it was Bring Your Own Bag week and some chick in front of me (on her cell phone the whole time) had the cashier put her single serving salad (already in a plastic clamshell with a rubber band around it, clutching her plastic fork) in a large paper bag. Really? You couldn't carry that single item to your car? It would be just TOO inconvenient? Ugg!

LifeLessPlastic said...

Awesome! I'm glad to hear that we're all writing letters in support :)

As for taking a bag for just one item, that always makes me want to cry. I just don't get why people think they need a bag for one thing...