Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Reusable Water Bottles: A Great Way to Be Good to the Environment

When you need some water, rehydrate with a few sips from a reusable bottle!

If don't have one already, don't worry. You can probably purchase a bottle from a local thrift store (a thorough cleaning will make it good as new) or use an old glass jar like No Impact Man.

But if this isn't your thing and you want to purchase something new, there are lots of types to choose from. Here's the lowdown.

Popular Water Bottle Brands

Klean Kanteen - My personal favorite, these bottles are stainless steel and are pretty much the only ones on the market with a plastic free and aluminum free body.

Sigg - Extraordinarily cute and available in myriad colorful designs, these bottles are made of aluminum and have a liner made of top-secret material. Sigg says the ingredients of the liner are undisclosed to maintain their competitive advantage, which may mean there's plastic in there somewhere. Oh, and the lid is obviously made of plastic.

Nalgene - Since all Nalgene bottles are made of plastic, I wouldn't recommend them. If you insist on purchasing a Nalgene, go for one of the opaque bottles. These are made of a plastic less likely to have negative health effects. Stay aways from clear Nalgene bottles, as they are made of PVC plastic and may have negative health effects.

Camelbak - These bottles, which are quickly becoming a popular choice, are made of plastic so I wouldn't recommend them. Camelbak hard bottles are made of PVC, so they should be especially avoided.


LifeLessPlastic said...

BTW, I just emailed Sigg to find out if the interior liner of their bottles is a type of plastic. Hopefully, they'll give me a little bit of information.

Laura Jean Karr said...

Curious, did you ever hear back from them?