Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Milwaukee, WI

Cheers to my Wisconsin brothers and sisters!

Life Less Plastic recently got a mention in a free Milwaukee circular, the Bay View Compass.

The article, Recalling Concerns Over Safe Food, Products, focuses on one woman's struggle as she learns about phthalates and the harm they might be doing to her child.

As she hears more about plastics, she finds easy questions becoming dilemmas: What cup should I give my toddler? What bowl should I use?

After buying a set of beautiful wooden bowls during a trip through Amish country, the author finds she's solved at least one problem.

She's concludes that now she's "searching for safer pots and pans and trying not to worry."


Anonymous said...

I would tell her to use Steel or Iron. I totally love mine! My boyfriend got me a steel wok for my B-Day and I cook most of our meals in it. I don't even need soap to clean it. I had to season it once (Google it folks) and then after that all I do is scour it with a little hot water, rub a big of oil on it, and its clean. Same goes for iron too! Both are greener alternatives.

Stonky said...

Hey, I live in Milwaukee!

Toad734 said...

Plastics are safe the problem is China isn't and neither are the products that are manufactured there.

none can outdream God. said...

the best solution is glass & ceramic cookware. absolutely no plastic at all. especially when heated. & never use a microwave except to microwave sponges & rags to kill the microorganisms completely - one minute does the trick. =)

metals can leach into your food.
go to & use his site search utility to search for, metal cookware & you will see a great new article he put out.