Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Fav: No Impact Man

It's only been three weeks since I vowed to reduce my plastic consumption, and I have to admit that it sure has been hard.

That's why I'm so impressed by No Impact Man. The blog belongs to Colin Beavan, a New Yorker who decided to spend a year developing a way of life for himself and his family that would make no net impact on the Earth. Colin says of his experiment, "the challenge is to take a year to develop and live a no impact lifestyle. Our approach will be to research our ecological options and run down our damage in one area at a time—solid waste, transportation, energy, for example. Our aim, over the course of the year, is to do no net harm to the environment. We’ll wind down in stages."

It's been a while since the Beavan family began their experiment and by now they are living a relatively bare bones lifestyle. In a recent blog entry, What No Impact Feel Like After Ten Months, Colin says, however, that he and his family are happy and feel that life is back to normal these days. According to theory, this is probably because human beings can actually adapt and become happy living in almost any set of conditions.

That's definitely good news. If Colin and his family feel like a "No Impact" life can be totally normal, I'm sure I can adjust to life without plastic. There's hope for me yet.

Oh, by the way, Colin's blog not only talks about his own mission, but also covers topics like living a green lifestyle, helping the environment, and reducing pollution, global warming, and climate change. Each of his blog entries typically generates 30 or 40 comments within a few days, and the discussion is always very interesting. So be sure to take a look!

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