Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Searching Chicago for Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergent: Part II

God bless Whole Foods.

Late last week I was running dangerously low on undies, and I had absolutely no laundry detergent.

This led to a frantic search for environmentally friendly laundry detergents at my ordinary local supermarkets. To my surprise and total dispair, they didn't have any. Absolutely none. Nada.

I was scared. Was I gonna run out of undies before I found laundry soap? Dear God.

That's where Whole Foods comes in. Wearing my absolutely last clean pair of underoos, I biked down to their South Loop store during my lunch hour and finally found the soap I was looking for. It's the Whole Foods Generic Brand 365 and it claims to be biodegrabable and free of phosphates and dyes. It is also not that expensive, which is an obvious plus.

One problem: it came with a plastic scooper inside. Ahhhhh!!!! Damn you Whole Foods.


Anonymous said...

Write to Whole Foods! Tell them you don't want the scooper. In fact, send it back to them with a letter. If we don't make noise about these things to the companies that produce them, they won't know how we feel.

LifeLessPlastic said...

Haha. I was definitely going to write them a letter, but I didn't think to include the scooper. I'm definitely going to do that! I love it!

Alina said...

Did you try Ecover? At least here in Europe it comes with a cardboard scooper. At my local hippie shop they also have a little box with scoopers and measuring thingies for the detergents that come without it. So if you need it you can take it, but you don't get one with every box. I like that idea a lot.

Oh and thanks for the shout out btw ;)

The Green Cat said...

I had the same surprise when I bought a box of Seventh Generation detergent. I sent them an email (wish I had thought to send a letter and mail back the scoop). I'll be switching back to Ecover--as Alina said, they've got a cardboard scoop.