Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Joy of Thrift Stores and My New-To-Me Soap Dish and Jars

I'm trying to develop a new mindset about the things I buy. Previously, if I needed something, I would immediately assume I had to purchase it brand new at Target or the like. Then I would hop on my bike, go over there, and buy it without a second thought.

But obviously, some of the things I was buying could have easily been picked up at a second-hand shop, so why was I buying these items new?

I mean, for every time you buy something used at the thrift store, you in a way prevent something new from being produced and eventually ending up in a landfill. You also encourage the creation of second-hand stores, which themselves prevent the items they sell from ending up in the trash.

With this in mind, I spent a few days scouring my local thrift stores for some things I needed.

First, I found a super-cute soap dish that's yellow, oval-shaped, and perfect for holding my Kiss My Face bar of soap. To be honest, I didn't actually need the soap dish quite yet because I still have two plastic bottles of liquid soap left, but I really wanted to put bar soap out on my sink. It just seems so much more earthy and nice (don't worry, I'll still use the liquid soap).

Second, I bought four glass jars that are perfect for storing things like oatmeal and almonds that I can buy in bulk (and don't come wrapped in plastic). With these new containers and the many pickle jars that I already have, I almost have enough to store all of the items I buy. Hopefully, I'll find a few more big jars at the thrift store soon and my collection will be complete.

To summarize, I bought some really useful things at my local second-hand stores, and I feel really good about it. I have to admit that it was more work to find these things at the thrift stores, but that is probably only because I don't know the stores that well. I think as I get more accustomed to the types of things I can find at each store, I'll become an expert at find many wonderful new-to-me things.

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