Monday, October 15, 2007

No More...Cereal?

My boyfriend loves cereal, and I have to admit that I like it, too. I like the crispy, milk-soaked taste of a bowl of raisin bran in the morning, as well as how fast I can pour a bowl and chow down before I run out the door to work each day.

And now I'm in a state of shock. When I decided to start using less plastic, I never thought it would be impossible to find plastic-free cereal, but I really can't find it anywhere. As I wrote in my last post, they don't sell it at my local bulk food store, and they also don't carry it at Whole Foods. This is horrible!

So where can I find cereal in bulk in Chicago? I just don't have any ideas. Maybe I can email some environmental organizations in Chicago and see if they know of any stores?

Anyone have any other pieces of wisdom?


Alina said...

Hi! Finally made it over here. I don't know where you can find the bulk cereal, but I can suggest that you make your own granola. (Bulk cereal must be far from crispy anyway). If you find some bulk rolled oats, you can add your choice of dried fruit and nuts, then coat it in honey and roast it in the oven. (You can also find recipes on the internet). It's crunchily delicious ;)

LifeLessPlastic said...

Yeah. Finding bulk cereal in Chicago might actually be impossible, but thanks for your granola tips. I'm a big granola fan myself and could definitely eat it instead of cereal. I fear, however, that my silly boyfriend could not. For now, I will continue searching for a replacement for him, and just start eating granola myself. BTW, I love your blog, and especially loved your clothes and laundry segment. It was super informative!

Anonymous said...

I'm so surprised that Chicago doesn't have bulk cereal. In the SF Bay Area, we have several bulk food stores that sell cereal, as well as many different kinds of granola in bulk. Good luck in your search.

LifeLessPlastic said...

I actually have an update about this very topic. I'm going to write a silly post about it today or tomorrow. A hint: I have good news :)