My Favorite Things: Canvas Bags

Now that I've entirely, completely, and absolutely given up plastic grocery bags, my new best friends are my canvas bags (pictured right). I only have three of them right now, all of which I stole from my sister. I like to think, though, that since she wasn't really using them and I'm using them to avoid plastic bags and protect the environment, it's okay that I stole them...right?

Anyways, three canvas bags probably isn't enough for a big supermarket trip, but I have several paper grocery bags from past shopping excursions that I've been re-using. I'm considering getting a few more big canvas bags, but I don't feel like I NEED more quite yet so I'm going to wait on that. Too bad, the bags I have right now are super ugly (thanks sis), and it would be nice to buy some of the really cute new ones I've been seeing around.

Tips for Remembering Your Canvas Bags
I'm sure we all know that the challenge with using canvas bags is simply remembering to bring your bags with you when you leave. With that in mind, here a few strategies to help you remember:
  • Put a reminder in your Outlook or Yahoo calendar to remind you to bring your bags and have it ding on the morning of the day you usually go grocery shopping.
  • Hang a note on your rear view mirror that says, "got your shopping bags?" Then once you're in the habit, you can take the note down.
  • Put a reminder note in a pantry or cupboard that you usually take inventory of before you go to the store.
  • Set an alarm in your cell phone set to go off weekly on the day you go shopping. When you hear the alarm, you'll remember that it means "I need to bring my canvas bags to the store when I go!!"
  • Attach a reminder note to your coffee can if you make coffee daily. Hopefully, seeing the note in the morning will help you remember.
I think any one of these strategies would be useful for me, and would help me remember my new Favorite Things when I go to the store.

Tell Us About Your Canvas Bag
If you love your canvas bags, write a comment and tell us why. Oh, and if you're still in the market for cute canvas bags, check out other people's recommendations on This Next.


Anonymous said…
I keep two sturdy cardboard boxes in my trunk. ( The produce section often has double thickness ones with handle holes. ) They hold as much as four bags, checkers are more likely to use them, (They stay open.) and I don't have to worry about roll-aways in my car.
Jeanne said…
I love this idea! I spent a year living in Germany, and from what I could tell most Germans who drive to the grocery store (most people living in big cities don't need to) keep baskets or boxes in the trunks of their cars like you do.

I will still always love my canvas bags, though, since I need to have a bag or two with me at all times so I can carry home any spur of the moment purchases.
Mr. Heller said…
I struggled with remembering my canvas bags for a couple years until I came up with a simple solution that has worked beautifully for me. I just store them (I also have 3) under the driver's seat in my vehicle. I can't tell you how many times I have driven to the store, gotten out and started walking in when I go, "Oops, need those bags."

Also, this works for when you make the unplanned stop at the grocery store on the way home from work or the like.

I have started trying to remember to bring my bags into other establishments (book stores, clothing stores, etc.) and it helps having them in the car so that I can still make good on this effort when I think of it as I pull into the parking lot.
Anonymous said…
Here's an idea for any of the things you might forget when driving somewhere--

I use a dry erase marker. (I know it's plastic, but you're *driving* right? A car is more than 50% plastic, not to mention everything else)

I write right on the windshield!

I write lyrics when I think of them, names of songs or artists I hear, reminders to myself, anything! It rubs right off with a cloth when you don't need it any more.

BTW, I also keep my canvas totes in my car at all times, like "mr. heller."

(Be sure to stop at a light or in a parking lot before you start writing!!)

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