Thursday, February 28, 2008

Traveling Made Me Use Plastic...Again

Well I'm back from my vacation, and I can only report that, similar to my last travel experience, I consumed quite a bit of plastic during my Utah ski trip.

But let's start with the good stuff.

Here are the ways I was able to avoid plastic:
  • Brought my thermos, which allowed me to have plastic-free coffee and water on the go.
  • Tried not to accept free beverages on the plane
  • Found plastic bags in the house where we were staying and brought them with to the grocery store.
  • Did not accept plastic bags at any of the additional stores I visited.
  • Packed my own lunch to avoid buying food at the cafeterias
Now here are the bad, plasticky things I did:
  • Bought a sandwich at the first resort we visited, which came on a bio-plastic plate.
  • Purchased several things at the grocery store that came in plastic because because I wanted to cook all my own food and bring pack lunches to the resort to save money. Things I bought included: yogurt, granola bars, pasta in boxes with plastic windows, and bagged spinach (that's all they had, unfortunately)
  • Got a cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup after being stuck in a horrible rocky mountain traffic jam (we went 2 miles in 1.5 hours)
  • Accepted coffee in a Styrofoam cup on the plane home out of weakness/exhaustion
Anyways, I actually didn't use TOO much plastic, and I was definitely able to determine that my coffee addiction has a tendency to lead to plastic usage.

For next vacation, I need to try not to succumb to my coffee addiction and to also be more cautious in the grocery store. After all, I'm sure I would have been fine without the yogurt.


Jenn said...

It is soo hard to shop for groceries without plastic.

At my gorcery the only 'organic' lettuce or spinach is packaged in a plastic clamshell.


Joyce said...

I think you did really well. It's always hard when you are travelling/visiting, because you are out of your routine. You remained very conscious and committed through out your trip, though, so don't think of those few slips as being "bad"!

Fix said...

If you have to keep too close an eye on your fun, it's not fun anymore. And what use is saving the planet if there's no fun to be had on it?

Thanks for the link!


tipi haere said...

Jenn, if you grow your own lettuce and spinach you don't need to worry about ANY packaging. And if you live in the city and don't have room for a garden, they grow easily in pots - that's what i do.