Monday, March 3, 2008

Demonstration in Support of Plastic Tax Held at University of Connecticut

According to an article in the Daily Campus, University of Connecticut's college newspaper, a group of approximately 20 students held a demonstration to support a proposed $.25 plastic bag tax at their campus bookstore, also known as the UConn Co-op.

From the article:

The demonstration was part of a campus and worldwide movement to reduce consumption of non-biodegradable plastic bags.

One protester wore a tutu made of Stop n' Shop bags, and several others had plastic bags around their necks, over their clothes, or on their heads. A chain of plastic grocery bags spanned the length of sidewalk outside the store.

The costumes symbolized the damage plastic bags cause to the environment, according to demonstrators. Laura Cote, a 6th-semester religious studies major, bound her hands, legs, and mouth in plastic. She chose the outfit to demonstrate the gruesome death marine animals often suffer from plastic bags.

They shared a bullhorn, and as they waved their signs and marched, they shouted chants like, "Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Plastic bags have got to go," and "Don't be mean - go green!"

Protestors also passed out flyers depicting a Jiminy Cricket cartoon. "Carry your conscience in something other than a plastic bag," it said.

Way to go UConn students! It sounds like you held an awesome demonstration!

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