Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Plastic-Free Gardening Fun!

I'm planning on having the most amazing vegetable garden the world has ever seen this summer, so I needed to do a little gardening-related work this past weekend. I went shopping for seeds and seed pots, planted seeds, and even made a mini-greenhouse to keep my seedlings warm in my 64-degree house.

Definitely worth mentioning: I found pots from Burpee made out of plant fiber at the Home Depot (my usual garden store was closed), so I didn't have to use plastic pots.

Yippee for plastic-free gardening!

Seed Pots made from Plant Fiber

The seeds I'm planting this year

My mini-greenhouse

Seeds in pots --> pots in mini- greenhouse
(Therefore, seeds are in mini-greenhouse)

A few of my 0ther beautiful plants

Note: I realize the tarp under my plants is made of plastic so my gardening experience is not truly plastic-free, but what's a girl to do? I had to protect my amazing wood floors. Anyways, I've had the tarp for about 8 years, so at least it's not new...


Green Bean said...

Yeah! Happy planting.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! If you need more pots, you can create really good ones by wrapping newspaper (b&w only) around a juice glass and then squashing the bottom up. Set in a tray with lots of others and fill with seeds and soil. They biodegrade in the garden, too.

Yeah seeds!

Peder said...

If you are really into gardening and want to buy less, you can use soil blockers. They are fairly new here in the US, but have been popular in Europe in various forms for many years. Here is one example at Johhny's Select Seeds. That's for those who live east of the mighty Mississippi. For those west, visit Grow Organic. It's a tool used to make squares of soil to start seeds in; just be careful, they have a tendency to dry out easily. You use no plastic and no peat moss - another product that's not exactly sustainable as it takes thousands of years to be made. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Have you figured out how to water without using plastic? I hate the thought of our hose heating up in the sun and then all that water, even if we run the hot water off, is leaching into the environment or worse, our vegetables.