Friday, April 4, 2008

IKEA Is Throwing Out the Plastic Bag

As of this October, IKEA will no longer be distributing plastic bags, according to a recent press release from the compny.

Apparently, IKEA is confident that this is the right decision because, when faced with paying five cents per plastic bag, 92% of customers went without.

Wow! That's amazing.

I guess this proves that if something is free, people are less likely to question whether or not they need it, but once it costs something, they step back and think about it--even if the new cost is very small.

That makes sense. Examining the value of an item against its (financial) cost is something we do everyday, so of course we do the same with the plastic bag.

What we can glean from this: the "convenience" of a plastic bag isn't worth five cents to most Americans. Interesting.

In any case, I'm very excited to find out what happens at IKEA. When people buy something there, they'll either have to bring their own bag, buy a $.59 cloth bag, or go without a bag all together.

Will there be an uprising? Will people stop shopping at IKEA?

Or will people just learn to bring their own bags?

Photo courtesy of Substance


arduous said...

Damnit. Now how will I take my crappy dresser home?!?! ;)

LifeLessPlastic said...

That got me to laugh out loud!

pink dogwood said...

I hope this is the beginning of the end for plastic bags.

Laura said...

This is such great news! PCC in Seattle also recently fazed out plastic bags.

People often claim that it is hard to remember to byobag. I then ask, do you forget your money? If you do forget your wallet or purse, do you expect that the store will provide you with all your purchases for free? It is that important that we remember to bring our own bags. :)

LifeLessPlastic said...

Laura, totally important, and people will quickly start to figure that out when they have to pay 60 cents per bag at IKEA. That will convince people real fast since nothing motivates people more than moolah :)

N. & J. said...

I'm guessing that people will either go without a bag entirely or bring their own. If they wouldn't 5 cents for the plastic bag they probably won't bother spending money on a reusable one either.

The Minimalist said...

Oh MG! Now this is what I'm talking about! Thanks for the comment on my blog btw. I'm so glad you read about my plastic trip to Vegas because I would like to see these companies change their packaging! I know it's not "free market friendly" to "regulate" business even though we can see what has happened when Wall Street has no one to answer to! Never the less if we can band together as consumers to force companies to be responsible, we might have a chance to save our beautiful world from becoming one giant landfill. Thank you, people who shop at iKea. Now they just need to stop buying cheap stuff that ends up in the landfill!

Green Bean said...

Sweet! I would have thought it would have to be a much higher amount of money to get people to think twice. Hopefully other stores will follow suit.

Shannon Hodgins said...

As an Ikea shopper (when I shop for things "new") I'm cool with it. The canvas bags that I have came from Ikea last year and have lasted a looonnnggg time with no problems. Rock on Ikea. I'll pick to shop there because of their choices, not despite them.

Cable Ties said...

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