Gardening Failure: A Sad Day for Seedlings

Bad News! I forgot to water my seedlings for a few days and lots of them died!

I'm so sad. To be honest, when I realized that my seedlings had died, I felt REALLY sad--almost like I had lost a pet or something. It was bad (and sort of weird).

Anyways, my tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and green peppers all made it through, but I'm going to have to replant my thyme and basil.

Try and try again, I guess.


Laura said…
My condolences on the loss of your seedlings. :) But if you think about it, they are absorbed back into the dirt and will become (in a sense) the new seedlings you plant there. So they didn't die they just got rearranged!
Joe said…
Good luck getting those herbs restarted. I know; the same thing happened when I put my pumpkin starts out too early.
We had such a warm stretch and I got over-confident.
Then we had a snowy March here in Portland.
Green Bean said…
I'm sorry. I felt the same way when slugs demolished my radish seedlings, my potatoes got blight and my peas are a strange yellow color. It's funny how emotionally attached we get to our plants.
Jeanne said…
Thanks for the kind words of support everyone! I replanted my herbs today so I'm starting to feel a bit better about the whole mess.

I can't wait to start planting outside!
Anonymous said…
I totally know how you feel. The weather spiked here and my bean plants got all droopy. I gave them water at the end of the day when I noticed the problem and 2 of 3 perked up but sadly the other just hung limply...

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