Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Fav: Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist

Even though it doesn't directly relate to plastic consumption, a current blog fav of mine is Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist.

When I was reading all about laundry detergent I came across the blog via a wonderful post about clothes and laundry, Green Clothes Part I - A Long-Lasting Wardrobe, that gives great info on how and why taking good care of your clothes is just plain good for the environment.

Since I read the post, I've been really motivated to take better care of my clothes and have started to make some major changes. Afterall, even though it's pretty obvious, I never thought about the fact that tossing my clothes on the floor or washing them too often is bad for the environment.

So in the past few weeks, I've been hanging my clothes up after wearing them and making an effort to only wash clothes when they are actually dirty. And I must toot my own horn and say I'm doing a good job. Toot!

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