Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grocery Shopping Can Be Difficult

Since I started doing all of the grocery shopping for my boyfriend and I, my boyfriend has sort of felt like I don't buy him the right lunch foods. Unfortunately, he hasn't quite been able to communicate what he wants me to get for him, so he's been pretty unhappy about our food situation lately.

This makes me feel bad, so I let him come grocery shopping with me today. The result: we bought lots of plastic-packaged things including 10 cans of soup, bread, frozen pizzas, individually wrapped snickers, and a pumpkin pie.

I wasn't so happy about this, but all of the stuff I picked out for myself followed my anti-plastic rules, and I don't plan to eat any of his plasticky things (well, except for the pie).

But the pie aside, today's grocery store trip demonstrates the most difficult part my attempt to consume less plastic. My boyfriend isn't doing it along with me and wants plastic-packaged food, but anti-plastic me is buying his food for him. That means I have to somehow buy us groceries and still make him happy with what I buy. The thing is, I don't know if he can actually be happy without frozen pizza and soda. What to do...

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