Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bulk Cereal, You Are Finally Mine!

I thought it was impossible. I thought it couldn't be done. But it has happened. It's a miracle!

When I went down to the South Loop Whole Foods to buy eco-tastic laundry detergent, I swung by the bulk food section and found it!! I found bulk cereal!!

Now, getting to the South Loop Whole Foods is going to be a pain and in the butt because it's a 15 minute bike ride south of where I work (I live north btw), which means I'm going to have to spend an entire lunch hour every few weeks biking down to Whole Foods just to buy bulk cereal.

Still, I'm happy as can be that the South Loop store sells bulk cereal at all, even if it's the only Whole Foods in Chicago that carriers the stuff, since it means that I can eat cereal again. Could it be that I might survive my plastic free journey, after all?

Right now, by the way, Whole Foods seems to be the only place you can buy foods in bulk within the city limits of Chicago, which seems totally crazy to me for a city so large. Oh, and if anyone knows of any Chicago bulk food stores, please let me know.

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frugalmom said...

I am just jealous that you have a whole foods.