No More...Frozen Pizza

It's cheap, it's hot, and it's oh so cheesy-delicious. Frozen pizza is definitely one of my favorite things to eat when I'm feeling lazy. Unfortunately, it's wrapped in plastic, and I don't want to eat it anymore (which is definitely a good thing since it's so unhealthy).

Seeking Frozen Pizza Alternatives
So now I need to develop some frozen pizza alternatives. My first idea is to take a few slices of my homemade bread, cover them in pasta sauce and mozarella cheese, and then bake them in the toaster oven for 10 minutes. I think it would make a decent pizza bread and might satisfy my pizza cravings.

Anyone have any other good plastic free suggestions?


Mike said…
Make your own pizza and freeze it.

If you can bake your own bread, then you can make your own pizza dough. I always make sure I make enough for 2 or more pizzas and then refrigerate the excess dough, bring it back to room temperature and then make the crust. But many many years ago, I had a commercial product that was ready to rise dinner rolls that you kept in the freezer. It didn't kill the yeast (they rose as they thawed, which is cool/creepy) so I see no reason why pizza dough wouldn't be the same. You might want to freeze it in smaller balls to make it thaw faster and use many little dough balls to make the crust.

Even easier would be to bake a second pizza crust while you're doing your pizza. Let it cool and add your toppings, wrap in aluminum foil and freeze. When you've got pizza cravings, bring it to room temperature and bake it. You could just leave it on the foil instead of dirtying a cookie sheet.

I think this wouldn't last as long as a store-bought pizza before succumbing to freezer burn, but it would probably a) taste better, b) contain far fewer nasty artificial preservatives and c) help you live the life less plastic!
Jeanne said…
True, true. I've read that you can freeze pizza dough, but only for a few weeks, maybe a month tops. Eventually the yeast die, I think. I will definitely give this a try and report back.
paulk said…
P.S. (I know P.S. goes normally at the end, but think Pre-Script) I'm new to your blog and I'm a fan already.

Pizza, eh? (I'm Canadian too)
I've started making pizza in a frying pan of all things! Take 1/3 cup flour, mix in some flower and olive oil until it's doughy but not runny. On a cutting board or counter pat it down as thin as possible. Then place it in the frying pan with a little more olive oil. Cook the one side and then flip it. Cook the other side while you are topping the already cooked side. Place the cheese on last. Turn off the stove at this point. Place a lid on your frying pan and the remaining heat will melt the cheese.

This is so easy and fast and you can make any pizza you like! I've been experimenting with bacon, fried onions, and mozzarella with a sour cream base. It's a knock off of a French recipe: Tarte flambée.

Hope you enjoy and keep up your awesome self-challenge.

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