Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Travel Challenge

I'm off to Portland today to visit my sister, and you know what that means. Another travel challenge.

Will I buy fast food wrapped in plastic? Will I buy bottled water out of serious dehydration?

Based on this previous experience and this one, I may not have the ability or the will power to be plastic-free. But we'll see. At least I'll have my sister there to help me out this time.


rebecca marie said...

you'll do GREAT once you're here! yes, i'm in portland, the city of GREEEEEN!

the traveling part may get sticky, but here in portland, you'll find that a lot of us are working toward a life less plastic.

have a great time!

Karli said...

have fun in portland!

Anonymous said...

I just always bring my sigg bottle with me empty on the plane. There are water fountains all over Portland ( I was born and raised there). Food is awesome with all kinds of great earthy restaurants within the city. Have fun, I miss and LOVE Portland. Make sure you stop by the Saturday Market along the water front.

jim said...

Wow! Great post. I am very fond of traveling and I admit that I actually bring with me some plastic bottles like juices and other. This post would really be of great help to me in order to change the way I deal with my travel accessories. Thanks!!!


- - - - - - -
Your life deserves a place like this.

sowbug said...

Thank you for this blog! I just stumbled upon it today while searching for "baking soda deodorant" methods, of all things. :)

I'm looking forward to catching up on your previous posts.